10 sports blogs for weight loss that you cannot miss

If you want to get in shape and practice physical activity several times a week, you will surely be interested in learning about a specific discipline. In the blog, I have published articles with the benefits of some of the most common sports, but I found it interesting to prepare a selection of more specialized web pages, where you can find detailed information. Therefore, here is a list with 10 sports blogs, which will teach you a lot. I have opted for the most popular activities.

We started the selection of sports blogs with the most popular of all. It is a website aimed mainly at those who want to coach a soccer team, but it has a lot of information about tactics and exercises, which can be very useful to anyone who wants to be a better footballer. As you can imagine, in Spain there are many pages dedicated to the beautiful game, but most of them talk about professional football. Those that are dedicated to giving advice to improve the player’s technique or recommendations for coaches are less common. Hence the interest in visiting Fútbol en Positivo.

Would you rather go to the gym and train on the cardio machines or in the bodybuilding section? If you want to learn training techniques, take care of your nutrition and your health, it will be a good idea to visit the Fitness Blog. According to the website’s own description, its main objective is quality content on health, wellness, fitness, bodybuilding, nutrition, supplements, etc. They cover topics such as nutritional advice, training plans, exercise circuits, tips to optimize fat loss, plus reviews of machines and products related to fitness and body-building.

As I like to offer several options, I inform you that you can also visit the Gym Company blog to obtain this type of content.

If you prefer to opt for the aquatic world, I understand you perfectly. The support of the water, which counteracts the effect of gravity, allows a much gentler physical activity. If you want to improve your technique, then I recommend that you take a look at the Nadarbien.com blog. They have some very detailed articles that they will teach you the correct gestures to optimize your sports performance. I’m talking about tips to keep you from sinking, breathe easier, make your freestyle more effective, and much more. Items come with highly visual illustrations.

Running is undoubtedly one of the most popular sports in Spain. It has many advantages, it requires little equipment, and it can be practiced all year round. If you want to improve your technique, learn about nutrition, look for the equipment more suitable for your profile or simply finding motivation, the Practice Running blog can be of great help. You will find training plans, tips to avoid injury, and much more information about running in general.

Another of the most frequent sports in our country is cycling. The website I have selected is focused on people who want to improve their performance on the bike. Has articles on the technique, the material, and also, the nutrition, which as in other sports is a very important facet.

As an alternative, if your approach is calmer, I invite you to visit the Pedalibre website. It is a website focused on cycling tourism, which is dedicated to giving practical advice on how to carry out your favorite activity safely, taking advantage of public transport, and much more.

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