6 recipes to lower triglycerides

Recipe Comments: We usually find in consultation that when soup is made and the broth is homemade, the vegetables with which the broth has been prepared are discarded or used for other purposes (ex: vegetable cream), composing the soup in simply broth with pasta, and generally making an abuse of the latter. For this reason, to reduce the carbohydrate content and reduce food waste, I advise you to eat everything you have used.

In cases of high triglycerides, it is advisable to take foods that contain low-glycemic carbohydrates.. Cooked carrot has a medium glycemic index, so it is advisable not to abuse it (which is not the same as avoiding) in dishes and accompany it with other vegetables and / or fiber-source foods.

This dish could perfectly be a complete lunch and / or dinner as it follows the structure of the healthy plate method.

REMEMBER! If you do not suffer from hypertension or kidney problems, and the consumption of salt has not been contraindicated, add it to the end of the recipe. It is important because adding it at the beginning, it would not allow the passage of substances from the food to the cooking water, leaving a clearer broth and without much flavor. For this reason, it is also interesting to chop vegetables and meat, to allow more substances to escape.

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