Losing weight while sleeping: how does it work?

The idea of ​​losing weight while sleeping is based on assimilation of certain nutrients at the right time. The concept was developed by nutrition expert Dr. Detlef Pape under the promising name “Slim asleep”. It is a food method of weight reduction based on consideration of biorhythm and insulin levels. The central idea of ​​this concept lies in a kind of diet aimed at combine foods that promote fat burning overnight.

How the body burns fat during sleep:

While we rest at night to rejuvenate ourselves, our body continues to work on a regular basis. Our cells are repaired, toxins are filtered and eliminated. For all these processes, our body needs energy, which it obtains from existing fat stores. It is therefore necessary that our body can devote itself sufficiently to these tasks. To do this, he mainly needs adequate sleep, at least six or even better, eight hours a night. Equally important is relieving our digestive system so that the body is not busy digesting food.

Having the right food at the right time is essential!

The phase during which our body burns fat must be used effectively to lose weight while sleeping. Our biorhythm plays a central role in this type of diet, just as eating a healthy diet and getting enough exercise are essential for losing weight while sleeping. Some important principles must be observed. It’s all about eating the right food at the right time of the day. But losing weight while sleeping naturally involves a lot more. According to Dr. Pape’s concept, the body’s own hormones, especially insulin, should be “under control”.

One of the functions of insulin, a hormone produced by our body, is to speed up the absorption of glucose and therefore to lower blood sugar levels. For example, after eating foods that contain carbohydrates, the pancreas releases more insulin to lower blood sugar levels. Insulin is also responsible for the utilization of fats and proteins. According to Detlef Pape, too much sugar after a high-carb dinner can block fat burning, and this is precisely what his method of weight loss while sleeping aims to prevent. The so-called “insulin separation” diet is based on keeping the insulin level as low as possible, thus indirectly facilitating the burning of fat by the body itself. It is essential to combine carbohydrates and proteins accordingly in one’s diet.

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