Slow Eating: Best Weight Loss Tip!

I have commented on it several times in passing in articles about diet or weight loss, but I think it is such a simple and powerful concept that it deserved a post of its own.

The point is that eat slow It’s a fairly easy habit change to implement, and it has many benefits for your health. The main one, without a doubt, is that it helps you lose weight. I’ll explain.

The Factors That Prevent Us From Eating Slowly

The Excuse Of The Rush

In our modern society, we live with many obligations, and, many times, with the feeling of not having time to do everything. For this reason, many people eat very quickly, to try to take advantage of the time. But, then, the statistics say that we spend hours watching television or pending our mobile. So the rush is an excuse, or a product of stress, but it is not necessary.

Lack Of Attention

Another reason we eat too fast is because we don’t give food the attention it deserves. We feed while doing something else, usually watching a movie or a series, or chatting with a person on WhatsApp. By not paying attention, we eat automatically, and faster than normal.

The Type Of Food

When you eat a whole fish, it is very difficult to do it quickly. It is possible, but to achieve it you would have to prepare all the bites for a few minutes. In reality, people generally eat little by little, being careful to avoid thorns.

I’m talking about fish because it is the antithesis of modern food. Today we consume many ready-made and easy-to-eat foods. And I’m not just talking about sandwiches, burgers or pizzas. In general, many dishes are designed for ease of use. And of course, that helps a lot so that we can eat in a hurry.

The Habit

We are animals of habit, for good and for bad. In the case of eating slow or fast, the same thing happens. If you get used to going very fast, you will repeat the pattern in the future. But luckily, with a little attention and will, you can change it.

Why Is It Better To Eat Slowly?

Smoother Digestion And Better Use Of Food

Sometimes we forget that digestion begins in the mouth. Our teeth are there to crumble the food. Saliva begins to break down food thanks to its enzymes. But to get it right, you need time. Each bite must be chewed properly before swallowing.

The benefit of eating slower and chewing more is that the rest of the digestion process is easier. Instead of sending a lot of lightly chewed food to your stomach, you send it smaller amounts, more widely spaced and better prepared. That not only helps you have a lighter digestion with less discomfort, but also to make better use of nutrients present in food.

You Eat Less Food Before Reaching Satiety

The second big advantage of slow eating is that you give the food more time to reach the stomach. How the digestion process takes time, when you swallow fast you can eat more than necessary before you feel satiated. But if you remember that you have to eat slowly, then when you reach satiety, you will stop eating in time.

That, obviously, is very important advice if you want to lose weight. It is a very simple and very effective trick, which helps you eat less. And who says less calorie intake, says easier to lose weight.

Eating Is Also A Pleasure

Food is one of life’s great pleasures, and if you want to enjoy it, it is best to take your time, don’t you think?

How To Learn To Eat Slowly?

Like all good habits, it is a matter of becoming aware and force you to change for a couple of weeks. Normally, if you manage to comply with the change for a few days, you get used to it and then you will eat slowly unconsciously. The same as you get used to doing sports or brushing your teeth.

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