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Vegetarian diet to lose weight: lose weight without meat - Loosing Weights

Vegetarian diet to lose weight: lose weight without meat

1. Distribute nutrients optimally

We advise you to follow the recommendations of national health organizations regarding the distribution of macronutrients, but these recommendations state that only 9 to 11% of daily calories should come from protein, which is too little to protect muscle mass from a muscle mass. possible degradation in the context of a calorie deficit.

We therefore recommend that you reduce the recommended amount of fat from around 30% to a maximum of 25% of daily calorie intake. The relatively low proportion of fat in the macro breakdown means that your protein sources will therefore be low in fat like low fat cottage cheese, Sky yogurts or lean cheeses.

But it is not a question of focusing only on macro-nutrients since micro-nutrients are also to be watched closely during a vegetarian diet. In any case, a varied and balanced diet is the best way to prevent any nutrient deficiency.

2. Avoid eating industrial dishes

One vegetarian diet weight loss tends to be healthier than a standard diet, but of course you can very well not eat meat and consume unhealthy foods. This phenomenon is particularly common among vegetarian adolescents: they do without meat, but next to that, they recklessly eat industrial dishes or processed foods. Their meals may therefore consist mainly of cooked meals, junk food and sweets. Beware of processed foods and industrial dishes, the mention “vegetarian” does not mean that they are healthy.

If you largely follow the recommended nutrient distribution and achieve a negative calorie balance, then it is virtually impossible for you to fall into the trap of unhealthy nutrition, as it means that very fatty and sugary foods are eaten. in an exceptional way.

3. Do more sport

Increasing calorie consumption is a wise decision to apply in any diet – even a vegetarian diet. There are several reasons for this: first of all, it is difficult to resist all the culinary temptations that present themselves. Nevertheless, during a diet small deviations can be dangerous, especially if they accumulate.

Those who exercise a lot and thus burn extra calories can, on the other hand, allow themselves one or the other exception while respecting the calorie deficit, the only guarantee of weight loss. In addition, sport and exercise reduce the feeling of hunger for at least some time. And whatever the diet, of course it is just plain healthy to get a lot of exercise.

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